A lot can
  happen in
  about 30

  as usual.

Real Estate Leasing for Medford and Southern Oregon…

in as little as
a month.


Offices and showrooms. Assembly lines, warehousing and shipping. As quick as you need them, after permit. Deal direct with Southern Oregon Builders or your commercial real estate professional.



We know commercial real estate leasing is time sensitive

Tight deadlines don't give you room for a second choice. It's got to be done right, and right away.
Southern Oregon Builders can put up your commercial real estate structure quickly Or just choose from existing inventory right now, in our new Medford business parks.

Advantages of "build to suit" in commercial property leasing

For a business start-up, preserving your capital investment may mean the difference between bringing a product to market or postponing growth. Our "build to suit" program conserves your capital and makes expansion quick and affordable.

Industrial property leasing - a lot matters

You're in good company with firms like Fed Ex, Kodak Imaging and Bear Creek Corporation. Our commercial real estate parks are in the brand new Medford urban transportation hub. You're near the Medford International Airport, the Foreign Trade Zone and right on the I-5 corridor.

New at Southern Oregon Builders

Take a look at the first in a series about how Southern Oregon Builders supports its business partners, Foundations…
"Cascade Fire Equipment, founded in 1985, got its real start when…"

(Series launches in May)

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